Lazer Duo

The Next Revolution in Laser Processing


A time has arrived to step up for achieving maximum productivity in compact size with our all new advanced Lazer DUO. Lazer DUO is a smartly designed laser system which revolutionizes maximum productivity in compact size. The Lazer DUO offers you a customize option to select two different laser systems from our LS-9 and LS-9E for two individual workstations of
Lazer DUO.

Lazer DUO is industry’s first ever fully independent dual workstations design laser system, which is having versatility of Sawing, 4P, 5P and Blocking. Moreover, Lazer DUO provides you a feature of simultaneous process selection through which you can choose any process among Sawing, 4P, 5P and Blocking. It means on two individual workstations simultaneously you can go for any two same or different processes at the same time.


Specially Designed

A Silent Light Diode module (Northrop Grumman-USA) which is specially designed to generate superior beam quality and stability throughout its working range.

Dust Proof

An effective dust proof enclosure ensures long lasting life of optical components.


A Skin Banding feature provides a safety against the damages which creates due to internal reflections.

Automatic 360<sup>o</sup>

Automatic 360o fixture is provided for twin side sawing.

Superior Beam Quality

Requires less human intervention in operation: based on the size of the diamond intelligent software automatically sets optimized laser parameters and much more.

Highly Optimized

Highly optimized ergonomics minimize the chances of operator mistake.

Accurate Cutting

A long lasting and highly precise X-Y-Z CNC stages for accurate cutting performance.

Vibrations of the Machine

Specially developed granite base minimizes the vibrations of the machine.

Rail Design

Single plate optical rail design to achieve best optical property of the laser beam.

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The Next Revolution in Laser Processing